Welcome to our Library

Here at Alsop High School, we feel that the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is the hub of our school. We pride ourselves on having a centre that is conducive to learning and in particular promotes whole school reading and participation, with many initiatives to encourage students. Our aim in the LRC is to equip students with the skills of independent learning, information, literacy and creative thinking. We are passionate about encouraging children to read, to love reading and to become educated through reading.

The LRC has been designed to help students feel welcomed and supported throughout their visit. It contains a large selection of fiction and non-fiction resources, E Readers, Information Booklets and IT Suite, all readily available and regularly updated. There is also a “comfy area” to give students a quiet and relaxed reading experience. We strive to provide excellent support, advice and resources that ensure our students acquire the very best results. Our varied selection of after school clubs provide a rich assortment of learning opportunities that are both educational and enjoyable.

We know that we are living in new and strange times, but we hope that reading can remain a part of our life. Although the LRC is currently closed, students can still access books which can be taken out via requests to your teachers. These will be taken to your area and should be returned to the LRC and placed in the boxes provided; or, given to your teacher who will arrange for collection.

International Reads

Our International Reads Shelf is very popular. Catering for our EAL Student, The International Reads Shelf hold Fiction and Non-Fiction books written in several languages, including Polish, Hungarian, Tamil, Albanian amongst others. This enables our EAL students to read fiction in their own language; with books ranging from Harry Potter to David Walliams.