Welcome to our Library

Here at Alsop High School, we feel that the Learning Resource Centre ( LRC)is the hub of our school. We pride ourselves on having a centre that is conducive to learning and in particular promotes whole school reading and participation, with many initiatives to encourage students. Our aim in the LRC is to equip students with the skills of independent learning, information, literacy and creative thinking. We are passionate about encouraging children to read, to love reading and to become educated through reading.

The LRC has been designed to help students feel welcomed and supported throughout their visit. It contains a large selection of fiction and non-fiction resources, E Readers, Information Booklets and IT Suite, all readily available and regularly updated. There is also a “comfy area” to give students a quiet and relaxed reading experience. We strive to provide excellent support, advice and resources that ensure our students acquire the very best results. Our varied selection of after school clubs provide a rich assortment of learning opportunities that are both educational and enjoyable.

                             Our New Reading Chair

Welcome back to a new year and new term in the LRC. We also welcome all our new year seven students who are settling in to their new environment. We have so much planned for our wonderful library this year.

Firstly, we have a new addition to the LRC, with our very own Reading Chair. Throughout the year we will be holding special story telling days with our students and visitors. Also next term, we have the pleasure of the fantastic Joseph Delaney, author of the ‘Spooks’ series. Other tiles by Mr Delaney include: Aberrations, ‘Arena 13’ series and his new book Brother Wulf (released on 7.5.2020) We look forward to a fun filled day with lots of interesting workshops from Joseph.

This year we have introduced the LRC Coffee Mornings, where parents, carers and the local community are invited to take a look around the Learning Resource Centre, which provides an extensive and rich variety of resources for our pupils. As always, we aim to give all our students the resources and support to make them independent, knowledgeable and confident individuals, and more importantly, avid and devoted readers.

Lastly, we will be introducing our very first Novel Writing Course open to the local community, beginning in November. This will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to become a published author. This is an exciting first term with lots more planned for the future, and please don’t forget, our coffee mornings will commence 9-11a.m. every Thursday, with refreshments and a free book to take away if you wish.

International Reads

Our International Reads Shelf is very popular. Catering for our EAL Student, The International Reads Shelf hold Fiction and Non-Fiction books written in several languages, including Polish, Hungarian, Tamil, Albanian amongst others. This enables our EAL students to read fiction in their own language; with books ranging from Harry Potter to David Walliams.

Author Events        Visit Dates              2019 - 2020

Frank Cottrell Boyce (YA):  23rd October 2019                Welcome Service as    Patron of Reading

Joseph Delaney (YA):            23rd November 2019 Halloween Special            New Book: Aberrations Series ‘The Witch’s Warning’ Book 3              Years 7-8                        (Books £5:00)

Patrice Lawrence (YA):        20th January 2020    Martin Luther King Day  His birthday is on the 15th of January: celebrated the 3rd Monday of every January.                            New Book: Rose Interrupted                      Years 9-11                      (Books £5:00)

Frank Cottrell Boyce (YA):  4th March 2020            World Book Day               New Book: Runaway Robot Years 7-8                        (Books £5:00)

Paula Rawsthorne (YA):    4th March 2020            World Book Day               New Book: The New Boy Years 9-13                      (Books £5:00)

Levi Tafari (Poet):            20th March 2020          World Poetry Day 2020 Years 7-8

Tim Quinn (Ex-editor    and illustrator for Marvel Comics):                              4th May 2020                World & National        Comic Day                                Latest Comic: Heroes  Years 7-9 + Nurture Years    7 & 8                                    (Tim Quinn has worked as a scriptwriter, illustrator and editor on many of the world’s most famous comic books including Marvel’s Spiderman,          X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers to Doctor Who, The Beano, Dandy and Bunty).

Paula Rawsthorne (YA): 24th June 2020      National Writing Day 2019 Nurture Visit: Years 7-9    New Book: The New Boy (Books £5:00)

Frank Cottrell Boyce (YA): 3rd July 2020            Spelling Bee Competition  & Event                            (Alsop and nine other schools compete for the North-West Spelling Bee Championship 2020).