Here at Alsop High School, we feel that the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)is the hub of our school. We pride ourselves on having a centre that is conducive to learning and in particular promotes whole school reading and participation, with many initiatives to encourage students. Our aim in the LRC is to equip students with the skills of independent learning, information, literacy and creative thinking. We are passionate about encouraging children to read, to love reading and to become educated through reading.

The LRC has been designed to help students feel welcomed and supported throughout their visit. It contains a large selection of fiction and non-fiction resources, E Readers, Information Booklets and IT Suite, all readily available and regularly updated. There is also a “comfy area” to give students a quiet and relaxed reading experience. We strive to provide excellent support, advice and resources that ensure our students acquire the very best results. Our varied selection of after school clubs provide a rich assortment of learning opportunities that are both educational and enjoyable.

Manage your LRC Account form our website

Students will now have access to the LRC software, enabling them to access their LRC account. From here, students will be able to review books, reserve books, personalise their account and much, much more. This new interactive homepage is a great addition to the support and resources already available in the LRC. Students will shortly be provided with a username and password; but please see the LRC Manager in the meantime.

Link to the interactive homepage

December's  Reader of the Month

Loai Aburussa from year nine was awarded Reader of the Month during the last week of term.

Loai received the highest number of staff signatures during our ‘get caught reading’ initiative to support our reading for pleasure ideal. In total, Loai received over 200 signatures which is a fantastic achievement.

His rewards included copies of The Hobbit, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a £20 voucher and DVD. The award ceremony took place during staff briefing and was awarded by Assistant Head Teacher, Mr Mottram who said he was delighted to present such an award.

Fancy becoming a journalist?

Year 7 Speed Read - 14th - 18th November 2016

This week, Year 7 students took part in a Speed Read. During the speed read students are split into those giving the summaries and those that listen to them.  Those giving the summaries each give a two minute summary of their favourite books.  The 'listeners' then take  a vote for their favourite book. All of the students had a great time and have been encouraged to take out their chosen books to read for themselves. 

This is our second speed read and it has been extremely successful in encouraging our younger students to read more.

Attention all readers!

Here are the latest competitions, notices and events that are happening this term:

2016 - End of Year Review

Another year has come to an end and what a busy time it has been for the LRC. From our now famous Cultural Exhibitions for Greece, Brazil and Britain at the Battle of the Somme to author visits and Football Stadium author workshops. There have been Reading Groups, Ghost tours, Library visits and Primary Literacy Days at Christmas and this summer. We hope during this time we have changed lots of students’ view of reading and enjoying the pleasure of reading.

We have developed the LRC this year too, by creating an ‘International Reads’ Section especially for our EAL Students to enable them to read fiction in their own languages. This has been welcomed and appreciated by all of our EAL Students. Our ‘Young Adult’ section has also been updated this year for 6 th form and older students.

Our aim in the LRC is always to encourage interest in, and a love for, reading and to emphasise its importance for everyone. We hope this year we have done this in addition to providing support and assistance to all students during their education here at Alsop.

We look forward to a new year in September when we will approach 2016/17 with equal enthusiasm. We look forward to meeting our new Year 7 students and wish all our students and staff a great summer holiday and GOOD LUCK to all our students on Exam Results day.

Top Ten Reads - December 2016