Primary Liaison and Transition Programme

Programme overview

At Alsop, we identify and allocate subject specialists to deliver high quality, bespoke lessons to primary students to ease the transition in to secondary school. Depending on the nature of the lesson, the delivery of the session will take place either at Alsop High School or our staff will visit the primary school.

We also pride ourselves in delivering fantastic Friday afternoon projects for our primary schools. Due to our timetable finishing at 12.30pm we have a unique opportunity at Alsop on a Friday afternoon to open up the school to primary school children. This enables us to offer our primary schools opportunities to engage further with our subject specialists or undertake project-based work.

The possibilities are endless and through excellent communication pathways, collaborative projects are developed and delivered that enrich the primary curriculum in addition to improving pupil outcomes and raising pupil aspirations.  This year we have had 8 schools participating in our programme of Friday afternoon projects where 26, 6 week sessions were delivered.  Popular topics  for these sessions include SAT booster sessions in Literacy - Writing Skills or Mathematics, however, we also have projects in subject areas such as Science, Geography, Music, PE, ICT and Technology. 

During these sessions, the primary students become familiar with the school building and facilities at Alsop. Furthermore, they have opportunities to work with Alsop staff which promotes a positive transition between primary and secondary schools.

We have also hosted inter school maths, athletics, cricket and football tournaments, delivered enrichment days to 5 schools via the Ann Frank Trust and delivered book fairs to assist with a Reading for Pleasure campaign for a primary school due to their requests to help assist to promote reading in which they went on to receive the gold kite mark in reading.

If you wish for your school to engage in our Friday Afternoon projects please email: Mr Anthony Leatherbarrow

Photos of all these events can be found on the primary liaison Twitter feed ....@alsopprimaryl

Specialist Staff

We have a team of specialist staff who work together to ensure a smooth transition for the future pupils coming to Alsop. Our dedicated team work closely alongside the primary schools and with your child to help make their transition as smooth as possible to ensure the best possible start for your child.

Due to our collaboration with our primary schools, we also work together to design and develop resources and teaching strategies for the mutual benefit of all our students.

This approach has many benefits:

  • Shared learning and teaching approaches
  • Shared resources
  • Structured assessment processes introduced in KS1 and 2 and built upon in KS3, 4 and 5.
  • Development of subject specific knowledge
  • Development of learning and teaching pedagogy
  • Fluid transition from primary to secondary school lessons
  • Pupil progress by ability and not age

  • Primary Partnerships

    Outlined are some of the partnership transition programmes currently being delivered to our primary schools. 

    Bedford Street

    Alsop’s Food Preparation Department has had the pleasure of working with Bedford primary pupils. They are looking at food from around the world. Their first session saw pupils tasting exotic fruits. They then went on to make colourful rainforest kebabs. During their visit they were able to chat to secondary pupils and teachers to find out what “big school” is really like.

    Mrs Jones says

    “This has been a great way for primary aged pupils to come and spend a day in a secondary school, getting to work in the food kitchens. They have had great fun learning about exotic fruits as well as looking at where food has come from. I am looking forward to seeing them again next week when we will be making Paella”

    Rice Lane Primary

    Rice Lane are currently working on Creative writing and Reading projects.

    “The children are absolutely lovely and work so hard, I look forward to them coming in each week”   Miss Roberts, English Teacher at Alsop.

    Northcote Primary

    Northcote Primary is one of Alsop’s largest feeder primaries and have a long standing productive relationship with Alsop. They are currently working on ICT and Vocal projects. The year 5 children working on the vocal project have just completed an amazing show to all the Key stage 2 children, staff and parents in a joint effort with Alsop school children.

    “The pupils worked so hard and I was so proud of them and the performance they gave” Mrs Doolan, Head of Music at Alsop high school.

    Leamington Primary

    Leamington year 4 students have completed an Anti-Bullying project throughout November. The 4 week project was very successful and all the children completed amazing posters and took part in different workshops designed around e safety, anti-bullying and respecting one another.

    “I absolutely love working with the year 4 students from Leamington. I am looking forward to seeing how the groups develop over the next few weeks”  Miss Westhead, Alternative Curriculum Coordinator at Alsop High School.

    Pinehurst Primary

    This term Pinehurst have embarked on some very exciting projects taking full advantage of the specialist staff and facilities. They have completed Projects in our Science labs linked into their curriculum with our Specialist equipment and teachers.

    They have also completed a project in English looking at Media Text.

    “The pupils from Pinehurst have been brilliant to work with and they have loved completing the different experiments each week”  Mrs Carmody Specialist Science teacher at Alsop High school.

    Kirkdale St Lawrence Primary School

    Kirkdale students have completed a Healthy Eating and Physical Education project this term and have really enjoyed taking part in the practical based activities.

    “Kirkdale has a fantastic group of year 5 children and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with every single one of them” Mrs Towey PE at Alsop High school.

    Gwladys Street

    Gwladys Street has recently completed a reading project with Alsop. Our Sixth formers have attended Gwladys Street primary school on a weekly basis, in their own time helping individuals with their reading. We also hosted a book fayre to assist with the reading focus called ‘Winter wonderland’. The pupils participated in a book exchange, craft activities, reading activities and had a special Visit from Father Christmas where they received a gift. Pupils from year 5 were asked to write a Christmas story; the winning child was presented with an I Pad mini from the Governors at Alsop for their fantastic efforts.

    “The efforts that pupils have put into writing the stories has been fantastic, it is lovely to see so many young pupils enthused to reading and writing” Mrs Dangerfield, Governor Alsop High School.

    Host School for the LSSP Indoor Athletics Competition

    Alsop High was the host school for the indoor athletics competition for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Due to our fantastic sporting facilities we were asked to host an Indoor Athletics competition for LSSP school sports partnership. Alsop hosted two one day events for pupils across the North of Liverpool. Our year 11 and 13 sports students also assisted in the running of the event as the leaders for each of the activities and they were a huge success.

    “A Special thank you to Alsop High for hosting the events. Without the teachers and leaders they provide, our event really wouldn't be possible. Our relationship with secondary schools really is second to none and it’s fantastic to be able to have them support our event.”  Jolene Murray, LSSP North & Central Assistant Competitions Manager

    Events and Competitions

    Pupils from 10 primary schools were invited into Alsop to take part in the Future Scholars Maths Challenge 2016. 

    Useful Contact Information;

    To book a Personal Tour, and/ or meet with SENCO / G & T coordinator, simply telephone the school office on 0151 235 1200 and request a call back from our Transition Team. 

    Similarly, call the school office if you wish to speak to the SENCO or Most Able senior leader about any concerns.

    Transition / Year 7 Induction process

    School Visits - We visit every child who has selected to come to Alsop in their primary school and have a chat about any worries or concerns they may have about coming to the school. We answer the students’ questions and put their minds at ease by explaining the induction process. Before the pupils are placed into classes, meetings take place with the primary class teachers to make sure they are placed in the most suitable form class together.

    School Visits – We aim to offer students the opportunity to visit Alsop before they enter the school in year 7 whenever possible.

    Induction Day - Induction day takes place in July where students will come in and meet their form class and tutor and spend a day at Alsop.

    Home School Agreements – In July all parents are asked to come into school with their child to have a home school meeting with a member from our senior leadership and transition team. We discuss what is expected from them and us so we can work together to ensure the best possible start for their child.

    Transition Trip – During the first half term there is an opportunity for the new starters to engage in a team building / problem solving trip with their fellow year 7 friends. Our most recent trip was a weekend away at the Kingswood Centre in North Wales.

    Applying for a place at Alsop (Assistance and Guidance)

    Forms are available from your child’s primary school or you can also submit your form online. If you require assistance we will help you to complete the form. 

    Please click on the link below to access the online admission forms. 

    Admissions form link