Giorno Della Memoria - Connecting Classrooms to Bring Peace                       

Alsop High continues to develop a partnership with schools in Northern Italy. It recently shared a Holocaust Memorial Day film with Italian subtitles. The Italian children responded and recorded film with a message of peace. The film Giorno Della Memoria is accompanied by a traditional Jewish folksong “Let Us Bring Peace to You.”

During this lockdown Alsop High School has continued to develop a partnership with a group of Italian teachers led by Ms Franca Gambari, who teaches in Modena, Northern Italy. Alsop students sent their Holocaust Memorial Day film to Italy, where the film was edited with Italian subtitles. This week the Italian school children responded with their own film for Holocaust Memorial Day. They had used the Alsop film as a stimulus to a project they completed for HMD.

Mrs Gambari writes:

“Dear friends at Alsop, my colleagues have so much appreciated your Holocaust Memorial Day film. They have asked me to share with you our video. We do hope you like it. This morning my class received a visit from the Director. She came to congratulate the children for making the film, and for our work in partnership with Alsop High School.”
Mr Peter Bull, Head of Religious Education writes:

“We are delighted to receive such a lovely film. We would like to thank Ms Gambari and the young people of Modena. It is a film which expresses hope and with such a lovely message ‘Let us bring peace to you.’”

Mrs Sara Radivan, Regional Manager Co-ACH for the Jewish Board of Deputies comments:

“It is simply beautiful. Their song choice is amazing. It is set to a traditional classic Jewish folksong with such poignant words of peace. I am delighted that the partnership we set up as part of the FAITH 17 initiative continues today. Thank you Franca for an amazing film.”

The Peace film with subtitles can be downloaded here: