At Alsop High School we seek to offer every student a pathway to academic and personal achievement. We place the success of our students at the heart of all we do and build every decision and action on the foundation of our core values:

Knowledge – We achieve excellence

Respect – We value everyone 

Opportunity – We make our lives better

As an inclusive school we believe in the potential of every student and expect them to achieve; systematically removing barriers and expecting the best of everyone allows us to have high expectations for every child we serve. All members of our community including students, colleagues and families are expected to demonstrate the following behaviours in all they do: We strive for students to recognise the rights of others working cooperatively in a caring environment. Students come to Alsop High School to learn, enjoy and succeed, following their own personalised pathway to success. 

Knowledge: Be Prepared - Be Informed

Respect: Be Responsible - Be Kind

Opportunity: Be Committed - Be Ambitious

We are a school where polite, warm and hard working students work with dedicated and knowledgeable staff so that they can fulfil their aspirations and our values and ethos underpin these relationships and successes. Our values drive all we do and they are best observed in action by visiting the school; please contact us to organise a tour.