Alsop High School Centenary (1919-2019)

During 2019, Alsop High School will celebrate its 100th anniversary of delivering quality educational opportunities for young people in North Liverpool. We are proud of the achievements of successive generations of students and the impact they have had in Liverpool and beyond.

During our centenary year, we aim to organise a number of activities, social events and celebrations. We would like to invite all past students, staff members, governors, community members, parents and anyone who has been through our doors to join us during our year of celebration.

We are going to start by creating a list of all past students by decade.

We intend to publish the list of former students and staff on the school website.

Please get in touch by filling in the form below and telling us when you were a student at Alsop High School.

By completing the form below you will give permission for your name to appear on the Alsop website and you would like your name added to the list.

If you do not want your name on the website, but would like to be informed about planned events please indicate on the form.


Year Attended Name Message
1967-1974Kenneth FiddlerNickname was 'Fid'.
1970-1977Peter FayGreat school and teaching staff. Remember running the school discos in 1976/77.
1975-1980Steve BlundellAll boys when i was there joined girls as i left. Boooooo.
1982-1988Scott GarrityI attended when there was lower and upper site. Went to France with Shober and co, taught English by Billie Williams and Geog by Mrs Seddon. I went on to become a Geog teacher and now I am a Headteacher in Derbyshire. I still have a season ticket for LFC though! Alsop will always be a big part of my past, Graham Goll who I sat next to in class is still my best friend!
1985-1990Samantha Sumner nee CampbellMy year was the first year to mix the school
1986-1991Cheryl Appleton
1986-1991Sharon CliffeI'd love to see Mr Showber.
1987-1992Steven Beggs
1987-1992Clair Corkill
1987-1994Paula CroucherLoved this school. Especially 6th form best 2 years of my school life.
1990-1995Paul Buckley3 generations attended this school - My dad, myself and my daughter..
1990-1995Lauren Davies
1991-1996Claire Wright(nee Cunningham)
1992-1997Susan Baxter
1992-1997Pj SmithAlsopian
1993-1998Jon Dillon
1993-2000Ei Stackhouse (Lewis)
1993-1998Paul Rawsthorne
1993-1998Adele Williams1993 l think - Mr Trafford Form. What a great idea , happy to help out with anything that's needed.
1993-2000Paul Hogan
1995-2002Andrea Cubbon (was Lunt)
1998-2003Mia Allen
1998-2006Ashley Cluskey
1998-2006Marc CowplandIt would be great to be a part of this celebration of the school
1998-2003Joanne Jacobson I left alsop in 1998 I loved it there.
2000-2009Thomas Carberry
2006-2014Liam Cox
2007-2012Danny Boland
2007-2012Sophie Bretherton

You can read a centenary message from Rt. Rev Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool here.

You can read a centenary message from Scott Garrity ex student here.

You can read a centenary message from Lawrence Kenwright ex student here.

Teachers & Governors

Year Attended Name Comment
1977 - 2011 Phil Jamieson O.B.E I had the pleasure and privilege of working at Alsop between 1972 and 2011, the last fourteen years of which, were spent as Headteacher. I met many wonderful people – students, staff, parents, governors and other members of the local community, and have been fortunate enough to remain in touch with a number of them. It is a source of great pride to meet former students of the school who speak so highly about their experiences and who have achieved so much in their chosen career.

I witnessed many changes at Alsop over the years and saw it develop into a very successful school, providing a true comprehensive system of education and giving students a wide variety of opportunity. The new facilities compliment the more traditional surroundings to provide the background for a fantastic learning environment, catering for students of all abilities.

I am fully aware of its historic past and can recall the days of it being an outstanding grammar school serving the north end of the city. There are still many outstanding features within the school in its present day, and indeed it is the largest school in the city. I know the school can look forward to the future with confidence and continue to provide the best possible education for its students. Here’s to the next 100 years !!!

Notable Alumni

Year Attended Name Comment
1970-1977 Ian McCulloch(Echo and the Bunnymen)

Centenary Form

Please use this form to add your name and any comments to the list.