"The school provides an outstanding curriculum which contributes significantly to students' motivation and enjoyment and has been important in raising the standards they reach" - Ofsted

We pride ourselves upon our commitment to recognising and addressing the educational needs of all our students. Ensuring access to a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst supporting them in academic progression and examination success. As well as academic achievement there is a focus on developing teamwork, independent learning and presentation skills to ensure students possess the skills to be lifelong learners. We aim to support students, who at times have difficulty accessing aspects of the curriculum. These difficulties may be physical, emotional, behavioural or academic. It is our duty to provide for these needs, treating each student as an individual.

At Alsop all want what is best for the students and realise that it is increasingly difficult for parents and students to choose the correct options. Our students benefit from high quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, allowing informed decisions to be made. Our careers conventions, options evenings, parents evenings and review days are extremely popular and we aim to ensure that every student feels supported in their future choices.

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