The foundation course at Alsop College is an exciting pioneering new course which is bespoke and designed to fully support students wishing to access higher education or employment in the creative industries. 

The course emphasises problem-solving, idea generation and critical thinking; you’ll be asked to reject your preconceptions and consider new ideas and concepts. You will learn through experimentation and will develop lateral thinking strategies in order to approach problems from new angles. The course gradually moves from wide ranging staff-led projects at the beginning of the course, to a position of independence by the end. Students will be supported through the UCAS process and in building a portfolio for University interviews. The course ends with students devising and undertaking a Final Major Project which is exhibited for moderation and an outside audience. 

You will work with a small team of experienced and enthusiastic staff who are all practising artists and designers. The team has extensive experience across a wide breadth of art and design disciplines. Tutors will support you through the UCAS application process and help you find the most appropriate BA course for your future development. Admissions tutors at highly selective BA institutions look favourably on applicants with a foundation diploma. 

Housed in our historic rectory building, you have access to a range of resources designed to complement and enhance your studies, including: spacious art studios, photographic dark/developing room for black and white prints; Intaglio printmaking room; life drawing studio; digital editing suite, photography studio, and fashion and textile facilities. Assessment throughout the course is by portfolio. There are formal assessments at the end of each stage. 

To apply for the art foundation please complete an application form and return it to
Ms C Whittington. 

Stage One (Exploratory Stage)

  • Exploratory stage introducing core elements of art and design: 
  • Media Techniques and Processes 
  • Experimental Drawing Projects 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Photography 
  • Fine Art 
  • Printmaking 
  • Graphic Communication 
  • Digital Media 
  • Fashion and Textiles 
  • Three-Dimensional Design

Stage Two (Pathway Stage)

The Pathway Stage is where students begin to specialise in their chosen field and build a body of work for a portfolio for University interviews: Specialist Project Negotiated Project UCAS Application Portfolio Building

Stage Three (Confirmatory Stage)

In the final stage you will continue to focus on a specialist area as you work towards a final year exhibition. This extended period of self-directed work will require your use of skills, knowledge and experiences developed throughout the course: Final Project End of Year Exhibition