Art & Photography

Teaching Staff Head of Art  Ms P Alker Head of Photography & Media Mr B Morris Subject Staff Mr J Collis Ms E Law Ms H Siertsema Ms K Tunley     Ms Z Tambourini-Moore Mr


Teaching Staff Director of English        Ms C Hart Subject Staff Mrs C Abbatt Ms J Bebbington Mr J Gunning Mr A Hart Miss A Hughes Ms K McLarnon Mrs V Nolan Miss R

IT/Business Studies

Teaching Staff Head of Faculty Miss A Dowling Subject Staff Mr T Barnes Miss K Bushell Mrs P Bennett Mr T Muscatelli Mrs L Richardson Miss S Richardson Mr J Thompson Mr


Teaching and subject staff Director of Maths        Mr M Bonnesen Subject Staff   Mr C Blackburn Ms K Brizell Mr L Corby Ms A Jones Mr P Kennedy Ms N McMahon Mr S Morris Ms A-M Pagan Ms F Smith Mr G


Teaching Staff Head of Department Ms N Allison Subject Staff Mrs C Avison Mrs Fitzgerald - Taher Ms R Louis Ms A Riveros  Ms M Ruiz Molina Faculty Aims and Objectives We aim to communicate effectively in Spanish in the

Physical Education

Teaching Staff Head of Faculty Mr J Weights Subject Staff Mr C Fagan Mr S Griffin Mr S Kelly Mr A Leatherbarrow Mr P Kennedy Mr S Murphy Mrs C Orrick Mrs B Towey Ms K Ehlen Mr D Williams

Music & Dance/Drama

Teaching Staff Head of Music Mrs E Potter Head of Dance/Drama Ms M Ross Subject Staff Ms K Ehlen Miss A Hughes Mr S Partington Faculty Aims and Objectives The Performing Arts faculty aims to promote


PSHCE is delivered by the form tutors and the aim is to equip students for life. There is an emphasis on raising self-esteem and awareness of the world around us and considering society, politics and the nature of good citizenship. We also arrange collapsed days/sessions when outside agencies come


Teaching Staff  Director of Science    Mrs S Bohan Subject Staff Miss R Ashworth Mr D Burton Miss J Carr Ms S Carmody Miss C Chan Mrs J Dunbar Mr A Farnell Mrs M Garvey Mrs K Kearns Mrs K Kimber Mr M


Teaching and support staff Head of Food Preparation & Nutrition Mrs T Powell Head of Design and Technology Mrs T Powell (Temp) Subject Staff Mrs C Cunningham Ms S Shardlow Mrs J Williams  Faculty Aims

Learning Support

LEARNING SUPPORT Teaching Staff Head of Faculty Miss N Walsh (SENCO) Subject Staff Ms R Hudson Enhanced Provision (SPLD) Plus 11 Specialist Teaching Assistants Faculty Aims and Objectives Our aim is to ensure the best possible


Teaching Staff Head of History Mr C McCormick Subject Staff Mr P Bull   Mr L Dolan Ms E Kirlew-Howe Mr S Mottram Ms K Williams Faculty Aims and Objectives The History


Teaching Staff Head of Geography Ms F Urquhart Subject Staff Ms R Boylan Ms K Reid Mr D Williams Faculty Aims and Objectives The Geography Department aims to equip all pupils with a wide range of skills, knowledge

Health and Social Care

Teaching Staff Head of Faculty Ms M Fernandez-Perez Subject Staff Mrs K Begley Ms N Bruns Mr S Kelly Faculty Aims and Objectives The aim of our faculty is to enable our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of