PSHCE is delivered by the form tutors and the aim is to equip students for life. There is an emphasis on raising self-esteem and awareness of the world around us and considering society, politics and the nature of good citizenship. We also arrange collapsed days/sessions when outside agencies come into school to work with the students.

Students also discuss current news issues during form time and assemblies are themed to promote British Values and SMSC.

The aim of the PSHCE sessions is also to improve the school community and personal skills by looking at communication skills and treating ourselves and others with respect. There is an emphasis on creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is valued.

Key Stage 3 Overview

The aim of Key Stage 3 is to raise confidence and self-esteem through a variety of activities. Students examine how to maintain a positive attitude to their work. Friendship is explored as well as what happens when relationships go wrong and how to deal with conflict and anger management. Students also look at financial management and how to maintain a healthy diet. Students learn how to stay safe online. They have a module of work in Computing lessons but also have assemblies and workshops. Sex and relationships education is delivered in conjunction with Talk the Talk and Brook. Students look at challenging homophobia and homophobic language. Year 9 work with The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Addaction around alcohol and drug abuse. Year 7 students watch plays dealing with bullying, moving to secondary school, e-safety and also knife crime and gangs via the Terriers play.

Key Stage 4 Overview

There is a focus on personal well-being at Key Stage 4. Students look at the effects of drugs and alcohol and are encouraged to look at the consequences of substance abuse. Personal safety and internet safety are covered. Sex and relationships education are again covered, with more detailed information on contraception and safe sex, consent and gender/ sexuality. Students are signposted to agencies that offer help and support to young people. Students look at challenging homophobia and homophobic language. Politics and government is covered and there is an examination of the nature of democracy. Students also have workshops on stress management, revision and coping with exams.

Key Stage 5 Overview

Students cover a range of themes throughout the 2 years of Key stage 5. Sex and relationships education and tackling homophobia in society are important themes. Students debate issues affecting society like immigration and climate change and look at how active citizenship and political involvement are important. They also develop life skills for university and independent living including healthy diet, budgeting and planning. Again, students are signposted to agencies who can offer support and help for young people.

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