Alsop Scholars’ Programme

This is a programme specifically designed to enrich and extend the educational experience and outcomes of our more able learners, ensuring they make outstanding progress.

Students are identified through an attitudinal and academic selection process. Once identified, students have the opportunity to complete an application form to be considered for the programme. Students who are successful in obtaining a place on the Scholars’ Programme will follow a curriculum that matches their academic potential, be able to work with staff mentors, Oxbridge Universities, have access to local and national competitions and receive additional equipment to support their learning journey.

Some of the exciting "stretch and challenge" activities that our year 8 scholars will soon be embarking on include critical thinking workshops, debating with Debate Mate, and competing with one another in ASIT challenges throughout the year.

This is a truly unique programme that will enhance and challenge the most academic students at Alsop High School. For more information, please contact Miss K Busby at Alsop High School.

Most Able Programme

At Alsop we believe in the potential of all children to achieve, we aim to support their potential with no exceptions. All Most Able students are given access to enrichment and intervention activities that support them in achieving the highest possible grades in their GCSEs and beyond. Some of these activities include guest speakers, project work, targeted mentoring, one to one tutoring, master classes, Oxbridge residentials and taster days and cultural visits.

In Most Able form sessions the students set themselves SMART targets for the upcoming week. They also complete brain teasers, Mensa tasks, Oxbridge interview questions and work to improve their extended writing and oracy.

This is an innovative programme that will enhance and challenge the most academic students at Alsop High School. For more information, please contact Mrs K Kimber at Alsop High School

Half Term Challenges

At Alsop we encourage students to work independently, we support them to make important links between different subject areas and embed key skills that they need to reach their potential. 

Any student is welcome to complete any challenge and hand to Miss K Busby.  The most impressive responses will receive recognition from the Headteacher.

How to support your more able child at home

Independent work at home is essential for any child aiming to achieve high GCSE or A Level grades. Making best use of this time is a challenge for students and so this section contains resources and ideas for how to support your child whilst they study at home. The resources are divided into KS3, KS4 and KS5 packs to reflect the increasing demand of the curriculum.

Scholarship Downloads

Pupil Agreement Downloads

How to support your child at home