School Uniform

The school tie colours for September 2022 are as follows:

Year 7Gold
Year 8Purple
Year 9Navy
Year 10Green
Year 11Silver

All students will also be expected to wear a white shirt or blouse.                                                  All female students will be expected to wear navy blue socks. May we also remind you that training shoes and sports shoes ARE NOT an acceptable form of footwear to be worn in school. We expect all footwear to be plain black, be able to be polished and to comply with the standards set of a school shoe.

We believe these rules form the basis of the school and help set the correct tone and ethos to a working establishment; ensuring your child has a solid education, focusing on established ground rules, with a willingness to comply, progress and succeed. 

The sole supplier for our uniform is Laser Schoolwear, on County Road.


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The Alsop school uniform can be purchased from either of the two outlets conveniently located within the community.

Laser Schoolwear Trutex Schoolwear 61 County Road 27 County Road Walton Walton Liverpool Liverpool L4 3QD L4 3QA

Tel: 0151 524 9818 / Tel: 0151 523 8422