Universal Credit Fraud

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Alsop PE Kit Requirements

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*** Important Message ***

Dear Parents/Carers

We would ask that parents/carers review children and young people's access to on-line streaming sites including Netfix and other websites. It has come to our attention that some children may be accessing age inappropriate materials. For example, Netfix currently offers a series exploring teenage suicide which is rated 18 and should only be watched by adults. Watching this may well impact on a young person's well-being especially if they are already of low mood.

We would ask that parents take appropriate steps to safeguard their children so they are only accessing age appropriate materials. As always, parents should seek advice from their G.P. and school if they are concerned about their child's emotional well-being and mental health.

Useful links for families:

Minded Website

Energy Drinks are not Permitted in School

We would like to remind all parents that energy drinks are banned from school.  Any students who are found bringing them in will have them confiscated.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Information for Parents Regarding Student Medication Required During School Hours

There are occasions when students with medical conditions need medication during school hours. It is therefore very important that the school has correct and up to date medical information so that we can provide the correct care and support for them. In accordance with Local Authority policy, the school has a procedure for administering medication to students who require it during school hours.

With the exception of asthma inhalers and some emergency medication, students are not permitted to keep their medication with them in school. If your child needs medication during school hours you will need to complete an Information & Authorisation form. This should then be returned to Kaz Adelsberg the medication coordinator, along with the required medication, which should be in the original bottle/ packaging and clearly labelled with your child’s name and dosage required. Where medication has been prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional, the printed pharmacy prescription label, displaying the appropriate and relevant information must be on it. The medication will be stored in a secure cabinet and will be given to your child by one of our designated members of staff.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any medical concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kaz in the Pastoral Support Mentors’ department.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Parent Pay

The school has introduced ParentPay. Many parents and carers have subscribed to this service and now pay for school meals online. Soon you will be able to pay for other items such as school trips.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact the school office for your login details.

School Agreement

Getting Involved Together

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 requires all schools to adopt a Home-School Agreement. The agreement is not a contract – it is intended to be a statement of the mutual responsibilities of parents/guardians, pupils and teachers. At Alsop High School, parents play a crucial role in the partnership of Learning. The Home-School Agreement incorporates the Aims, Values and Vision which are contained within the School website and brochure. These sections should be read in conjunction with the following statement.

The Parents/Guardians - I/We shall try to:

  • see that my child goes to school regularly, on time and property equipped;
  • let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour;
  • support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour;
  • support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning;
  • attend parents’ evening and discussion about my child’s progress;
  • get to know about my child’s life at the school.

The School - We will:

  • contact parents/guardians if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or equipment;
  • let parents/guardians know about any concerns or problems that affect their child’s work or behaviour;
  • send home regular assessments and annual report of achievement;
  • set, mark and monitor homework;
  • arrange parents’ evenings during which progress will be discussed;
  • keep parents/guardians informed about School activities through regular letters home and notices about special events.

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