MY Ed App 

Please find below a helpful guidance on how to use the MY Ed App.

My Ed allows you to see information right on your device, direct from the school.

My Ed is the perfect way for you to get the most out of your child's school, which in turn helps your child get the most from their education.

There are day to day features such as; key dates, contact details, school information, news, curriculum, sixth form, transition from Year 6 and a link to our Twitter account for up to date news and information about our school.

Please refer to the User Guidance below for more information about how to access this useful App.

MY Ed App - User Guidance

Permissions for full functionality:

Identity – In order for My Ed to display messages and information regarding your child, you must first verify your contact information against the details held by the school. This permission will allow My Ed to match you to your child and grant you access to any content the school supplies.

  • Calendar – When the school enters events and holidays in to the Key Dates section of My Ed, this permission will allow you to add them to your personal calendar on your phone (assuming that your phone already has this installed) by simply tapping on the item.
  • Phone – The school may list staff phone numbers under the Contacts section of My Ed, as well as having the school’s absence line linked to the Absence section. This permission will allow you to call them by simply tapping on the icons provided.
  • Photos/Media/Files – When the school supplies information in the form of a PDF file or an image, this permission will allow you to view and save this information from within the My Ed application.
  • Camera – One of the features within the My Ed application is Ed Scan. This allows the school to send out communications with QR codes attached containing additional resources or information. This permission will allow you to scan these QR codes, view and save the content, all within your My Ed application.
  • Device ID & Call Information – This permission will allow My Ed to display notifications on your phone ensuring that you will be aware of any communication or update the school may send to you.