School nurses deliver both universal and targeted services and work across education and health, providing a link between school, home and the community.

Qualified school nurses will have undertaken a post-registration SCPHN qualification. They are also responsible for delivering programmes to improve health outcomes for school aged children and young people (5-19 years). This includes reducing childhood obesity, under 18 conception rates, prevalence of chlamydia, and supporting mental health. The school nurse team includes a range of staff, including other registered nurses and health care support workers.

A recent survey of school nurses and health visitors by the RCN highlighted the following top priorities:

  • safeguarding and child protection
  • child and adolescent mental health
  • emotional resilience; wellbeing
  • domestic abuse
  • breast feeding.

Our school nurse is called Victoria Richardson. She can be contacted on 0151 295 8415.

Victoria supports students with issues around health, vaccinations, e-safety, eating disorders, self harm and much more. She can also give advice to parents.