Year Seven “Reconnect With Nature” at Knowsley Safari Park

Year Seven “Reconnect With Nature” at Knowsley Safari Park This week a further visit was arranged to Komaru and Knowsley Safari Park. The rain and wind had absolutely no effect on the fabulous young people (and teachers) who spent the morning and afternoon tramping through puddles and

18 Oct 2017

Cooking With Elegance

This week’s cooking club has been all about elegance. Students made the classic dish of Chicken à la King. This comforting dish is made from a thick and creamy sauce that's perfect over crisp puff pastry vol-au-vents. A zingy Lemon Posset dessert was served with Amoretti biscuits. A posset (also

18 Oct 2017

Interview with Alastair Machray, Editor of the Liverpool Echo.

Alastair Machray has accepted our invitation to be our Inspirational Speaker at our Awards Evening, on 9th November 2017. Here we ask him a few questions about his life and role as Editor of the Liverpool Echo. What did the world look like during your school days? Mostly black and

17 Oct 2017

“Spook-tacular Afternoon”

Halloween is fast approaching. In preparation for the festivities students have completed a cake decorating course during our their after-school club. Professional cake decorator Christine Ling has worked with and taught students skills to make a range of four Halloween cakes. Designs included an

17 Oct 2017

Alsop Students Win PES Competition

Alsop High School students had a fantastic evening at the @Red_Neighbours PES 2018 tournament in the new Liverpool Football Club Store. Eight local community schools were invited with the chance to play against Liverpool footballers Georgino Wijnaldum and Jon Flanagan. Year 11 students Phillip

12 Oct 2017

Food Scholarship Course

This week our students were taught how to delicately flavour their chicken with lemon and pepper seasoning. The poultry was then served with a salad of green beans and tomatoes dressed with a lemon and herb vinaigrette. Students then used the creaming method to make the most light and fluffy lemon

12 Oct 2017

What To Do In An Emergency

During assemblies this week students have watched this public information film. Run, Hide and Tell has been produced to inform people what to do if they are caught up in an security or emergency situation. Please take the opportunity to watch this short clip. The message is simple and clear – RUN –

5 Oct 2017

Food Technology Goes Chorizo Crazy!!

This week our food scholarship course students have made Chorizo Burgers served in brioche buns. This was followed by home-made brandy baskets. Students have learnt about the handling of raw foods and cross contamination. Students can use these new found skills and knowledge for future

4 Oct 2017

Year 7's Attend Komaru Outdoors

Year 7’s have attended their first school trip to Komaru outdoors. Kōmaru teaches bushcraft and survival skills, helping pupils to build their knowledge and experience. Today pupils tried their hand at new things and have had lots of fun in the outdoors. Pupils had a go at everything from learning

3 Oct 2017

Alsop Participates In 'Red Neighbours' Initiative

Alsop High School are privileged to be taking part in an exciting new community based initiative ‘Red Neighbours’ in partnership with Liverpool Football Club The will focus on four key areas of need as a result of extensive research with key people who live and work in L4. The areas are: food

2 Oct 2017