'Fans Supporting Food Banks'

Alsop students are actively involved in 'Fans Supporting Food Banks'. Our young people have volunteered to help support the project by setting up a base at Alsop High school for the collection of food and drink to help their local community.

Mr Griffin, Y9 Year Head writes:

“ Our Year 9 students involved in this fantastic initiative have donated £200 to the Charity. This is a great effort !!!”

Fans Supporting Food banks was an idea conceived by members of Everton Supporters Trust and Spirit of Shankly. The ultimate aim was to use an untapped resource, the 40,000 plus supporters who flooded into Anfield & Goodison Park on a week by week basis. The mission is to collect food for the communities in and around both stadiums and to distribute to those most in need.

The most pleasing aspect about of Fans Supporting Food banks has been the generosity of the ordinary match going supporter. There are many examples of supporters kindness from across the country. Those who have least, give most!!! The other pleasing aspect has been the willingness of both sets of supporters to put aside their tribal differences to one side and work together as one.

Mr Paul Deakin, Pastoral Support Mentor comments:

“Could this camaraderie happen in other Cities, with other Clubs or is it just a one off? Maybe it’s the uniqueness of Merseyside sticking together in times of adversity? Who knows, only time will tell.”