Alsop Career Convention raises aspirations

Alsop students take part in whole-school Careers Convention. It was an amazing day with the school hosting over 40 exhibitors from various employment and education sectors.

Students from all year groups had the opportunity to engage with exhibitors from a wide range of education routes and career paths through a Careers Fair. They were also able to gain knowledge about careers and industry, and the skills and attributes most valuable for the world of work.

The event was organised through the school’s collaboration with Career Connect, who also delivered some of the Careers-focused sessions to students. Other sessions included a practical Lego Mindstorms workshop delivered by providers from Sellafield Ltd, and a lesson on Liverpool growth industries which encouraged students to think about the most thriving and exciting career sectors that are right on their doorstep, and the many different jobs and pathways available to them.

Mr Tom Muscatelli, CEIAG Co-ordinator, comments:

“This is the first time that Alsop has been able to carry out a whole school Careers Day. I am a firm believer that the more encounters students have with further education and careers, along with having knowledge of their local opportunities, will allow them to make informed decisions about their futures, which should result in a higher number of positive outcomes. It is great to see students dreaming big, by being exposed to the options available to them.”

Sixth Form student Ryley Barber comments:

“This was a really enjoyable experience which helped me to think about my future. I spoke to people on many different stalls, not just from career sectors but also from universities, so I was able to make connections between the two. A highlight for me was Mersey Fire Service who brought along a Fire Appliance vehicle. This is a career I’ve always been interested in pursuing and I was able to learn about the practical realities of the job.”

Mr Andrew Hart, one of the organisers of the event, adds:

“Due to the prominence of the Gatsby benchmarks, there has been an increased focus on Careers provision for all students, which we welcome. Collaboration is at the heart of this, and we are delighted and extremely grateful that so many providers gave up their time for our students, and to Career Connect for the impressive range of contacts they provided. It was an extremely valuable day for our young people and we aim to make this an annual event.”

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