Alsop Counts

We are proud to be taking park in the ‘Liverpool Counts Quality Mark’ programme. The aim of this programme is to:

  • Raise the profile of numeracy across the school and our local community
  • Challenge perceptions and attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics
  • Help our students understand the importance of good numeracy skills in everyday life
  • To connect numeracy with other subjects

Ms Mc Mahon comments,

“The links that good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on all aspects of life are well known. We use numeracy skills every day, often without even realising! Telling the time, calculating our change at the shops and managing our budgets are just a few examples.”

Mr Bonnesen comments,

“Here at Alsop we want our students to be proud of their numeracy skills. We want students to know that these skills can help them in other subject areas too. Over the course of this academic year we will be holding series of events for both parents and students.”

During “Alsop Counts” we plan to host:

  • Parental Skills Workshops - giving parents the support to help students with the work outside of school.
  • Fun Maths Roadshow - a “hands on” problem solving day involving lots of puzzles (and teamwork)!
  • Maths Party - we will once again be running our annual maths party day - watch this space for more details on this year’s theme.

Please remember to check this website for more updates.

Here are some links for Numeracy activities to use at home.

Games and puzzles

Alsop subscribes to Maths Watch, which provides videos for all topics in Maths, as well as links to additional work to try at home. Your child has login details to access this.

BBC Bitesize can also provide additional support at home.