Alsop develops partnership with the Golf Foundation

Alsop students recently enjoyed a workshop in partnership with the Golf Foundation. This was to promote a new exciting version of Golf. Alsop has a very active Golf section with students in years 7-13 practising at Aintree Golf course during the Friday afterschool club.
‘StreetGolf’ is a version of golf specifically for use in secondary schools involving the use of specially designed, lighter, beginner-friendly clubs and reduced flight balls to ensure maximum safety on school sites.
‘StreetGolf’ is fun, inclusive and can engage with pupils previously disengaged from traditional team sports delivered in schools.
Mr Paul Deakin comments,

“Students thoroughly enjoyed the high-energy game that assists them with both their PE and fitness. The game actively promotes co-operation and integrity among its players, and sportsmanship and good behaviour follow.”
An article about the partnership appears in the November issue of ‘Golfers Local.’