Alsop High School win the prestigious Educate “WOW” Award

Alsop High School has won a regional educational award for their outstanding work to foster cohesion and develop pride in the wider community of North Liverpool. The Hope 2016 initiative won the prestigious “ WOW” Award at the 2016 Educate Awards ceremony in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 18th November 2016.

The 2016 Educate Awards is the biggest celebration of education in the North West. It is the one night of the year where the excellence of schools in the Liverpool City Region, Cheshire and Lancashire is celebrated and rewarded in a unique fashion, bringing together inspiring leaders and support staff to showcase the brilliance within the region’s education sector.

Commenting on the Educate Award, Kim O’Brien, founder of the Educate Awards, says:

“The dedication, hard work and impact that teachers, support staff and school communities have is truly humbling and it was fantastic to see so many schools enter and put their projects forward. The entries this year have been amazing so thank you to each and every school and well done to the Award winners.”

Peter Bull, Co-ordinator of HOPE 2016 accompanied several staff and partners to receive the award. He comments:

“We are delighted that Alsop has won the “WOW” Recognition Award. This is an achievement for the whole school and the wider community. This initiative encouraged dialogue, collaboration and friendships between so many of our young people and community leaders including people from different faith communities.”

The school has worked closely with Jenny Sinclair, daughter of the late Bishop David Sheppard, and Director of Together for the Common Good to develop HOPE 2016. Jenny comments:

"Alsop High thoroughly deserve the WOW award for Hope 2016.

We believe that a school rooted in its community can be a force for the common good: Alsop High have shown how this can work.

It has been great partnering with Peter Bull and his colleagues. In Hope 2016, we wanted to see schools, community and faith groups working together, focusing on ‘hope' and generating a sense of local pride. It was moving to see the young people grow in confidence and talk about compassion in the classroom, and impressive to see them taking responsibility in their community.”

HOPE 2016 involved Alsop High School working with partner primary schools and faith communities to facilitate a month long festival to tell stories of hope to both school and community. Inspirational speakers such as Margaret Aspinall, Gee Walker and Zigi Shipper, an 86 year old Holocaust survivor, shared their stories of hope in the face of many obstacles and social injustice.

Mr Joe Mangan, Headteacher comments:

“Alsop is delighted to accept this Educate Wow Award. Respect is integral to all our work. HOPE 2016 encouraged our young people to listen to each other, without prejudice and discover common values. HOPE 2016 established and developed relationships between faiths, between communities and between individuals. Young people were able to a dream of a better future.”

Alsop are now making plans for a new initiative, FAITH 2017, which will hopefully build upon the success of HOPE 2016. Schools in North Liverpool have pledged to work together for the common good and encourage collaboration between people of different faiths and cultures. This faith based initiative will be delivered in partnership with Together for the Common Good, Liverpool SACRE, the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, Liverpool Diocese, churches of all denominations, fellow faith traditions and community groups

Alsop hopes to link the schools, faith and community groups situated along the Queens Drive arterial route. Young people will participate in discussions, events, workshops and activities including visiting a visit a variety of places of worship and create a DVD resource. An Inter-faith Fair will be held to enable different faith communities to exchange information relating to faith journeys. A Good Neighbour Social Action Programme will bring people together to take practical steps to make their communities a better place to live and work.

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