Alsop Inspires Liverpool Echo Editor

We were privileged to welcome Mr Alastair Machray, Editor of the Liverpool Echo, as our Inspirational Speaker at our Awards Evening.

Mr Machray told a packed hall that in life young people should aim to “make a difference.”

Alastair was very complimentary about Alsop. He told the award winners  “Alsop inspires me.”  He spoke about: “Staff and pupils with high levels of motivation and genuine ambition.”

Alastair spoke about the phenomenal examination success. He said it is “an outstanding achievement that 125 students progressed onto university during September 2017.”

Mr Machray used the example of Margaret Aspinall and Helen Rowling as his two heros. He told students both these women faced adversity in life and both went on to achieve great things – they made a difference!

He said that Margaret Aspinall is his "Hero and the wisest and bravest women he knows." He went on to say he admires her determination and tenacity. “Margaret speaks from the heart and speaks sense."

The audience listened to some brilliant songs performed by students with exceptional musical ability.

At the end of the evening Mr Mottram, Deputy Head thanked parents and staff for their support, hard work that enabled our students to achieve excellence. 

Mrs Ross, Associate Deputy Head, paid tribute to the Governing Body led by Mrs Marilyn Fielding. Flowers were presented to Mrs Fielding, who has served for over 25 years as Chair of Governors.

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