Alsop starts the

New Year with a story

Alsop High School began the New Year with a story. Alsop English teacher and children’s author Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes spoke on Radio Merseyside and introduced readers to her latest book ‘The Tiger who Slept on the Stairs.’ The book illustrated by Alsop English teacher, Ms Danielle Ward, is the eighth book written by Ms Tapia-Bowes.

During the interview with Sean Styles, Ms Tapia-Bowes highlighted the importance of reading in a young person’s life with the words “If you read, you will succeed.”

During January, Alsop is relaunching our successful ‘Read to Succeed’ initiative. This initiative #AlsopReads18 will use new ideas to engage students. Members of the Alsop Year 7 and Year 8 Reading Council have suggested these ideas and they are truly committed to helping spread the reading bug throughout Alsop.

Here are some inspiring quotes from Alsop students:

I read because I want to expand my vocabulary. (Thomas)
I read because it teaches me things and lets me escape from reality. (Heidi)
I read because my family has always been big on reading and they pass me down books to read. (Helen)
I read because it frees my mind from our busy reality. (Jamie)
I read because it takes me to another place where I can get inspiration for my drawing hobby. (Lauren)
I read because it takes you on a trip further than your own imagination. (George)
I read because it gives me ideas for my writing. (Faye)
I read to learn how to make my own stories interesting and impressive. (Abbie)
I read with passion, not just because I get told to. (Josh)