Alsop Students complete in the Dragon Boat Racing Competition

Students from Alsop High School competed in the 4th year of the Merseyside Schools Dragon Boat Race at the Queens Dock, Liverpool.

In the first year of the competition the boys achieved the fantastic honour of finishing in 1st place in the tournament. Alsop High School were crowned City Champions and allowed to keep the trophy for a year.

The students enjoyed the experience and atmosphere so much it was an obvious choice that we would enter the competition again and again.

This year Alsop entered a mixed team of Year 7 and Year 8 Boys and Girls. The competition was fantastically organised as always and the students enjoyed the experience of taking part in an activity that was totally new and challenging.

A great day was had by all and a number of the Boys and Girls have shown an interest in joining the Water sports Club at the Queens Dock taking part in activities such as Canoeing and Sailing.