Alsop students fly out to USA for a skiing adventure

During Easter 42 students and Staff will be travelling to America for the annual Alsop skiing adventure. At Alsop all students have the opportunity to participate on our annual ski trip. Usually we visit a European resort. However, every 5 years we aim to broaden our students cultural experiences by providing the opportunity to ski trip in the USA or Canada.

This year Alsop will fly to Boston and ski for 5 days at Sunday River. The visit will culminate with an educational visit to New York. Students will have the opportunity to stay overnight in Manhattan and visit famous land marks.

Mr Mangan comments:

“At Alsop we are committed to extracurricular activities and educational visits that support and enrich classroom learning. Ski visits provide students with the broad cultural experiences of a foreign country, assist the development of practical skills and the knowledge of an alpine environment. Ski trips provide cross curricular links with an array of subjects including PE, Languages, Geography, History, Travel and Tourism, Food Technology and Science.”

“We are delighted that two members of staff organising the visit have achieved the prestigious Alpine Ski Course Leaders Award. T As safeguarding is our key priority here at Alsop this award enables staff to safely lead students on the mountain after they have completed their ski lessons and further enhancing the experience for Alsop students.”

Mr Murphy, the trip organiser and Ski Party Leader, comments:

“I am confident that this visit, as always, will be a tremendous adventure and students will have an unforgettable experience which they will look back to with fond memories.”

We look forward to posting photos and a report of the visit in our news section.