Alsop Students Get A

Real Taste of Medicine

On Saturday 8th July, a group of thirty-two Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students took part in a series of workshops to explore careers in medicine.

Alsop students got an opportunity to use real hospital equipment to perform ECGs and ultrasound scanners. They were also able to practice taking blood from an arm and use pinhole surgery apparatus to simulate an operation. Pupils collected the information, which also included basic respiratory tests and blood pressure readings, and were able to see how healthy they were.


During the morning, Alsop students also learnt about the career paths that lead to becoming a doctor or nurse. They also gained an insight into how science can be utilised to improve sporting performance.

Mr Roberts comments:

“Our students had a really exciting experience. They were given, a unique ‘hands on’ opportunity to use machinery, which is operated daily in medical centres and hospitals. We hope that this workshop raised career aspirations and that a cohort of our students will enter the medical profession.”