Alsop students get ready for the challenge

A group of Alsop students are preparing to visit Morocco during July 2018. The group of students are hoping to complete a ‘community project’ in a primary school in the Goulmima region of Morocco, in North Africa.

The visit is part of the Alsop “World Challenge” initiative led by Mrs Angela Morrison. The expedition will also include the challenge to trek up Mount Toubkal, the highest of the Atlas mountains. The students will spend seven nights living on the edge of the Sahara Desert and work alongside local tradespeople and villagers to complete a project to benefit the whole community.

Mrs Morrison comments:

“This is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for an amazing group of Alsop students who are eager to improve educational opportunities for young people in a poor area of North Africa.”

At present, the young people are organising fund raising events via bag packs, car boot sales, cake and cookie sales. Some of the participants will also be completing a sponsored abseil. The students are also selling pre-match refreshments from the Alsop car park before Everton games.

Each ‘challenger’ needs to raise £2,200 to cover the cost of the expedition and the cost of the community project. Despite their fantastic effort, the students still need additional funds to facilitate this expedition. If any individual or business would like to sponsor the World Challenge please contact Mrs Angela Morrison on 0151 235 1200 or email her at

Mr Mangan writes.

“It is a great delight to hear that Alsop students will be participating in an expedition organised through the World Challenge. It demonstrates thatyoung people are being encouraged to take responsibility, build community and work together to improve the lives of others in the less developed world.”

For more information about Alsop World Challenge please contact: or