Walton Spirit Remembered at Alsop High School

Alsop High School, Walton have commissioned a mural to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liverpool Blitz which devastated Walton during the night of 3rd/4th May 1941.

The mural is the culmination of an inter-generational project between Alsop students and older residents. The mural depicts the Luftwaffe raid upon Walton Church and the bells that came crashing down upon the ancient 800 year old font. The people of Walton showed their true “Walton Spirit” as they rescued historic registers and artefacts from the burning church. The church burnt out throughout the night and it remained closed for twelve years. The people of Walton were determined that a new church would rise from the ashes. Their resilient spirit prevailed. Miles of “pennies” lined the streets of Walton as a major fundraising drive was undertaken to rebuild the church which was re-dedicated in 1953.

Mr Joe Mangan, Headteacher comments:

We are delighted that Alsop students have worked with local residents on this project. It has been an exciting learning experience. Young people were able to hear first-hand about what it was like to live in Walton during and after the Second World War.

The May Blitz caused huge damage to North Liverpool. Walton Hospital was hit and 43 people died when a bomb hit Index Street. This site was later occupied by Alsop High School lower school. Today it houses the Tesco supermarket. The Project was funded by Big Lottery Awards for All.

Peter Bull Co-ordinator of HOPE 2016 comments:

“We are pleased that older residents could share their stories with young people. We felt that the mural was fitting tribute to the May Blitz of 1941. It is a story of both hope and it demonstrates the resilience of Walton people”

During 2016 Alsop has worked with partner primary schools and Walton Group of Churches to facilitate a festival to tell stories of hope to both school and community. Inspirational speakers have brought stories of hope in the face of many obstacles and social injustice.

Copies of the Jubilee Magazines 1978 can be seen by clicking the links below: