Celebrated British Artist

Ian Murphy Visits Alsop

Students at Alsop High School recently had the fantastic opportunity to spend the day working with celebrated British Artist Ian Murphy. They not only got to see (and touch!) his work first hand, but work alongside Ian trying out new techniques, drawing skills, angles and points of view under his guidance.

Mrs Tunley comments:

“Alsop students were in awe of Ian’s stunning paintings and studies, featuring images and sights from around the world. Ian even brought his sketchbooks along to show the pupils how important recording ideas down as a small sketch/notes/idea could be developed back in his studio to a final painting.”

Ian’s passion for drawing on location really inspired the students and pushed them to have the confidence to draw on a much larger scale than in usual lessons. His own enthusiasm to share his art and encourage others to be creative really inspired the pupils and staff. “Just go for it”, he said. The buzz of creativity in the room was electric as pupils knelt on tables, floors and covered walls with their work.

The students used iconic images of Liverpool city as a starting point for their own drawings, looking at them close to or from an unusual angle. Ian asked them to focus on one part of the image, to pull out an area of detail encouraging the pupils’ that it is OK for parts of the image to fade out or lack detail. By the end of the visit, the students had gone from small tight drawings to large expressive pieces.

Mr Mangan, Headteacher comments:

“Working with a contemporary practising artist is such an important experience and resource for our students. They gained a unique insight into how professional art works in the real world and had the opportunity to develop and express their own creativity. We are delighted that everyone enjoyed the day and the students produced some outstanding pieces of work.”