Debate Mate Programme Launch

Alsop students have attended another fantastic Debate Mate programme launch event at the University of Liverpool, watching and participating in a live show debate by degree-level competitors. During the event, visiting students had the opportunity to take part in the floor debate in front of a large audience of their peers, with Alsop student Mohammed Abdalla, Year 7, winning the prize for best contribution to the floor debate.

Lead teacher Mr Hart said:

“We are delighted to be enrolled on Debate Mate again this year – this is Alsop’s fifth year with the programme and the impact on our pupils is always hugely positive. Debating is shown to improve students’ critical and creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, empathy and self-management. Students who have been on the programme see substantial progress in their speaking and listening skills, which in turn has had a beneficial effect on their writing skills as they are able to construct a written argument more clearly and concisely.”