Faith Encounters at

Alsop High School

As part of the FAITH 2017 initiative, over 230 Alsop High School students visited Liverpool places of worship. The journey of faith involved began at Liverpool Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral and culminated at Liverpool Mosque. During the day students walked along Hope Street and paused for thought at the Sheppard Worlock Memorial.

Students then walked around the amazing Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Here the Educational Guides spoke about the life and witness of the largest Cathedral in the UK. One student even climbed the steps of the famous pulpit. The guide suggested she could apply for the vacant position as Dean of the cathedral.

Students also had the opportunity to visit the House of Hospitality, facilitated by Liverpool Community Spirit. Here students attended interactive workshops with the setting of a Jewish Dining Room and a Muslim Lounge. This provided the opportunity for students to ask a member of the faith community questions about their culture and beliefs. Students were also able to handle artefacts and faith objects.


During the afternoon students visited the stunning Princes Road Synagogue where they learnt about how prominent Jewish people had contributed to the growth of our city. The afternoon concluded with a visit to the prayer hall within Liverpool Mosque.

Mr Peter Bull, Co-ordinator of FAITH 2017 comments:

“The Faith Day provided a fantastic opportunity for Alsop students to gain an understanding of different religions and cultures that make Liverpool a vibrant city. Many students stood, in awe as they experienced the stillness and silence of these amazing buildings. The visits were a unique opportunity for students to consider the values and beliefs of people who live alongside each other as neighbours.”