Foot In The Door Films

Visit Alsop High School

Alsop Sixth Form welcome guest speakers from Foot In The Door Films, Liverpool's leading independent film production company.

One of FITD Films’ aims is to address the challenges faced by the local film industry by collaborating with local communities, businesses and educators and providing employment and training to young people who are trying to develop careers within film.


Founder and Director Michelle Billington has developed internationally recognised films including Don't Worry About Me, the directorial debut of ‘friend of Alsop’ David Morrissey, and the multiple award winning feature film The Be All and End All.

Michelle and Company Director Fiona Torrance delivered a presentation and Q&A to Year 12 and Year 13 students with an interest in developing a career in the film industry. After sharing the story of their own personal journey, the speakers took questions from Sixth Formers on a range of topics. These included the current and future standing of the Liverpool film industry, the different key starting roles to apply for within the industry, the importance of relevant degree study vs. networking and work experience, and the value of attaining industry credits and compiling a personal showreel.


Film Studies student and Deputy Head Girl Lorna Hind comments:

“It was great to get experience from a Liverpool-based film company as this made me realise that a career in the local area was realistic, without the need to move to London. It was also inspiring to see how they wanted to make the city better and had a vision for improving the film industry within Liverpool.”

Lewis Russell, who has sought work experience within the industry and is applying to study Film at university, adds:

“It was encouraging as it made me feel as though I was on the right track and doing the right thing to pursue a career as a director. They made the different pathways available seem a lot more accessible to me.”

Film Studies teacher Andrew Hart comments:

“With the BBC now firmly located at Media City in Salford, and the significant increases in undergraduates pursuing film and media-related degree courses in the North West, there has never been a more exciting or accessible time for young people in the region to work in the film industry.”


Liverpool has recently been named the second most popular location to film in the UK (after London), and plans to establish a film studio on the outskirts of the city are gathering pace. The work that Foot In The Door Films are doing in promoting a home-grown industry in Liverpool is vital and we are grateful to Michelle and Fiona for giving up their time to help and inspire our students to be the next generation of local filmmakers.