Holocaust Memorial Commemoration – How can life go on?

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so”… just one of the quotes taken from our Holocaust Memorial Service on Friday 3rd February.  The theme of the Commemoration was ‘How can life go on?.’  Year Nine students shared powerful testimonies of families affected by Holocaust and how they have been determined to make a difference and use their experience to empower others.

Chloe Judge (Year 11) gave a powerful performance of “When we were young”.

It was a delight to have young people from St Mary West Derby CE School present. Their fabulous choir sang “Shalom” and “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”

At the end of the service young people from St Mary West Derby CE School, Florence Melly Primary School and Pinehurst Primary School were presented with six plants to take back to their schools.  Mr Bull reminded them that each plant represented one of the six million people who perished during the Holocaust.

Mr Matthew Hargreaves, Headteacher St Marys CE Primary School writes:

“Our School Choir were invited to sing at this annual event. It was a special moment hearing them perform ‘Shalom’ and ‘Seek Ye First’ as part of such a meaningful service. Before the event, the choir warmed up in the canteen, rehearsing their piece. Without us knowing, students and their teachers lined the walkway above us and listened silently, before ending with a round of applause. It was a real eye watering moment – showing the real calibre of Alsop pupils. Thank you to the Headteacher Mr Mangan for the invitation and warm welcome.”

Ava, Year 3, from St Marys wrote:

“We went to Alsop High School for Holocaust Memorial Day. We sang ‘Seek Ye First’ and ‘Shalom’. Some of the pupils had to give a speech. After that we had to be quiet for 2 minutes then we watched a film about people who were bullied. We learnt from that we are all the same on the inside but different on the outside. Because we sung very well we got to sing again then we were given flowers to take back to School. The six plants remind us of the Jewish people who died in the war.”

Mr Mangan writes:

“Dear Mr Hargreaves, I would like to express my thanks on behalf of Alsop to the young people of St Mary CE Primary School. It was a delight to listen to your choir perform "Shalom" as part of our Holocaust Memorial Commemoration. These youngsters are a credit to your school community and their parents. Our thanks also to Mrs Armstrong for leading your brilliant choir. We look forward to working with St Mary's and other north Liverpool schools as part of our FAITH 2017 initiative.”