Holocaust Memorial Day

Liverpool Town Hall

Alsop plays a leading role in Holocaust Memorial Day Civic Service at Liverpool Town Hall.

On 26 th January, students from Alsop and partner primary schools attended Liverpool Town Hall, for the Civic Service for Holocaust Memorial Day.

The presentation involved the reading of a poem specially written by Liverpool poet, John Gorman. The poem drew on the words of Anne Frank and Alexander Kimel, a Holocaust survivor. Both had a religious faith, but Kimel's work is a prayer.

Alsop students Alex Birkett and Aaron Blanchard read the opening verses. Students from north Liverpool schools, who had participated in the FAITH 2017 initiative, read out further verses. Throughout the poem, students asserted the phrase “I do believe, with all my heart in the natural goodness of Man, THIS I DO BELIEVE

The service was in the presence of The Right Worshipful, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy. Councillor Kennedy reminded those gathered that we all “must fight intolerance that breeds hatred.” Rabbi Dr. Martin van den Bergh, from Childwall Hebrew Congregration, recited prayers. The service also included an Act of Commitment from the leaders of Merseyside Christian Churches. Church leaders made a solemn pledge to eradicate all forms of racism and hatred from society.

The guest speaker Mrs Hazel Verbov, spoke movingly about her late father, Rev Leslie Hardman who was the first Jewish padre to visit Belsen after it was liberated in 1945. She spoke about the horrific sight he encountered as he witnessed the carnage of the genocide.

Mr Bull comments:

“It was an honour for Alsop to be asked to participate in this powerful service of readings, music, prayers and speeches. We must never forget those who perished during the Holocaust and work together to build a society based upon respect and fairness.”

Councillor Nick Small writes:

“On Holocaust Memorial Day we honoured the dead to alert the living about the Shoah and all genocides. It is important that, through education, children learn about the horror and inhumanity of genocide. Thanks to all our schools.”