Interview with Alastair Machray, Editor of the Liverpool Echo.

Alastair Machray has accepted our invitation to be our Inspirational Speaker at our Awards Evening, on 9th November 2017. Here we ask him a few questions about his life and role as Editor of the Liverpool Echo.
What did the world look like during your school days?

Mostly black and white! I attended a poor school where most of the staff and all of the kids would rather have been anywhere else. I lived for the football field and the cricket pitch. It was a world dominated by the effects war and post-war austerity had had on one's parents. There was no bigger sin for instance, than failing to eat the food placed in front of you.
What motivates you in your position as Editor of the Liverpool Echo?

Making Liverpool a better place and doing the very best I can for the people I work with.
What is the most exciting story you have covered?

Probably the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report.
Where does your passion come from?

Probably inherited from my parents. They were both journalists and were in love with words and journalism until the day they died.
What and whom do you love the best?

In no particular order, the Echo, Liverpool, my kids, wife, Newcastle United, Catherine Zeta Jones, New Zealand white wine, cricket, the Daily Telegraph Crossword, fennel seeds.
What things are you most afraid of?

Losing the people closest to me. I read a story recently saying Americans' biggest dread was 1. Death. 2. Public speaking. Neither really bother me.
Who were your mentors, your heroes and still are?
Mentors are vital. I can recite the people who have made a difference to my career. You won't have heard of them. Mel Waggitt, Colin Young, John Griffith, Sara Wilde, Zoe Harris. Heroes? Margaret Aspinall, the Hillsborough campaigner, Phil Redmond, my mum, my daughter.
Can you describe a typical working day?

No because journalists' days are not ever the same. That is why I love it so much. They start early and don't really finish!
When are you most fully yourself?

Weird question. On a clifftop with my dogs and my daughter. At a football match with my son. At my news conference. There is no typical me.
What one word best sums up you and your vision?