Learning Outside the Classroom

This week Alsop High School students were able to visit a construction site. Two groups of Alsop students, ranging from years 9 to 11, attended construction site visits to the YMCA National Centre, Lakeside, Cumbria.

    The build was currently at the framing stage and Alsop students were able to see the steel skeleton of the building and view its foundations in detail. Bricklayers were currently working on the site, building up the external walls to make the frame water-tight and students could see this work taking place first hand.

    Paul Dixon explained the project in great detail, and students were given a guided tour of the site, with key aspects pointed out and discussed.

    Mr Cousineau comments:

    “Students’ behaviour and conduct on the day was impeccable. The visit allowed for the reinforcement of classroom teaching and the opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day life of working in the construction industry.”

    For more information, please contact: office@alsophighschool.org.uk or visit www.alsophighschool.org.uk