Read On, Get On

Alsop High School rises to the national challenge to improve literacy by launching a new initiative called “Read On, Get On.”

“Read On, Get On” will be launched at Alsop High School, by children’s author Kate Maryon on World Book Day, 1st March 2018. She will meet with students to inspire them to read more challenging books. Reading helps develop their brain and its cognitive abilities as well as increases mindfulness. The other key factor is to improve their literacy skills. Students will participate in a lively question and answer session to find out what motivates and inspires Ms Maryon to write books.

Mrs Hart, Head of English comments:

“Recent research highlights that progress in reading stalls at secondary school. Therefore, at Alsop we believe that reading should be a priority. Nationally, teenagers are falling below the expected reading level for their age – but good literacy is a key building block for all learning.”

The National Literacy Trust recently published a report “Read On, Get On” which identifies the lack of reading enjoyment as a fundamental hurdle to advancing literacy skills nationwide.”The reports states ‘All secondary school students would benefit from having 15 to 30 minutes of dedicated reading time built into the school day.’

Nationally there is a persistent problem encouraging secondary school students to read challenging and age-appropriate books. The tenth annual What Kids Are Reading Report, which analysed the reading habits of almost one million school students, found that this is true across Britain and Ireland. The report revealed that progress made by young people in primary school halts when they transfer to secondary school and, from then on, the gap between students’ reading ability and their age grows wider each year. Worryingly, by the later years of secondary school many students are reading books that are no harder than those in primary school.

Mr Mangan, Headteacher comments:

“Reading, like any skill, needs to be practised or it will slip. With this in mind, at Alsop we encourage students to spend between 15 to 30 minutes reading every day. Good literacy is the single most important educational building block from which all other learning follows. Students need to recognise that literacy is not just important for English, but it also matters for Geography, Science and Maths.”

The message “Read On, Get On” will be promoted at Alsop throughout the initiative and beyond. Teachers at Alsop will encourage greater use of the Learning Resource Centre and reinforce a simple message that a small amount of time for reading suitably challenging books would make a real difference. Teachers at Alsop are determined to make this happen.