Read to Succeed‘@ Alsop

This week we have launched our “Read to Succeed” initiative to encourage Alsop students to read, not only during lessons but also for pleasure.

All students are invited to attend the “Read to Succeed” breakfast which is served daily in our Jamieson restaurant. We provide books, magazines and newspapers to read for pleasure.

Mrs Ballard comments: “The launch was a great success, and students particularly like the Reading Loyalty Card. Every time students are ‘caught reading’ by a member of staff reading in the breakfast club or around school they get their card stamped. Just like any reward card there are prizes and free book vouchers to collect and spend in school on a book of their choice.”

Research suggests that ‘Children who read for pleasure are likely to do better in Maths and English than those who rarely read in their free time.’ (BBC News and Education).

“Read to Succeed” is one of a number of initiatives to help our students not only understand the importance of reading but to also help them gain an interest and passion for reading.

The Literacy Team