Recent projects involving Liverpool Football Club and Alsop High School 

Liverpool Football Club and Alsop High School  have recently been involved in two separate projects:  a Behaviour project and a Fan Buddy system.

1) Behaviour Project

 Liverpool v Manchester United, Monday 17th October.

Liverpool Football Club in partnership with Alsop High School granted local students a once in a lifetime experience. Students were selected due to their fantastic behaviour and attitude in lessons. The students attended the Premier League match at Anfield, Liverpool FC v Manchester United, Monday 17th October.

What was the atmosphere like at Anfield?

Lois Ambroso:- LO. 9 FRU

Liam Pethard:- LP. 9 LBP

John Powell:- JP. 9 CJB

LO. The atmosphere at Anfield was marvellous and I couldn't stop singing.

LP. The atmosphere was amazing the best game I have ever been too.

JP. The atmosphere was great and I enjoyed the chants and joining in singing.

What was your best memory of the game?

LO, The best memory was the effort of the Liverpool FC players.

LP, When we all stood up and sang "You'll never walk Alone"

JP, When Coutinho nearly scored, a great save.

What did it mean to get selected for the Liverpool Young Fan Initiative?
LO, It means a lot to be chosen for my good behaviour. I feel proud representing Alsop High School.
If I was chosen again I would have a great time watching the game with my teachers and friends.

LP, It felt great to be selected and it was a great opportunity, it would mean the world to be selected again and support the best team in the world.

JP, It was a great experience and it would be wonderful to be chosen again.

What is your impression of the new Main Stand?

LO, The new stand looks great, I mean my first impression was amazing I like the way it has been designed and how it looks from different angles.

LP, The new stand is great but Scary!!

JP, The new stand created an extra sense of atmosphere.

2) Buddy System, Feedback.

Liverpool Football Club’s new Young Fan Initiative will be aimed at young people from local community groups and high schools directly in the Anfield area of L4, L5 and L6.

Students and young people will be asked to ‘buddy’ or team up with an LFC Fan Support Stewart to help and assist with LFC fans around the outside of the stadium. All young people will have a briefing session before each game and will be assigned to a Fan Support Stewart in the home areas around the stadium

Three students were selected in the 15-18 years old age category to watch the Liverpool v Leicester City match.

Lewis Trimm 18 years old, 13 MRM and Aiden Noon 16 years old, 11 KME

What was the atmosphere like at Anfield?

LT, The atmosphere was tense it was the first time I have seen the new Main Stand. The new Main Stand made the atmosphere even louder.

AN, Unbelievable atmosphere.

What was your best memory of the game?

LT,Singing 'You'll never walk Alone".

AN, We had great seats in the Main Stand by the corner, really close to the Manchester United supporters . Lots of singing and chanting.

What did it mean to get selected for the Liverpool FC 'Buddy Initiative'?

LT, It was a great experience to be selected as a 'Buddy' in the new project. I felt proud that I was involved at the very start of the project. I enjoyed getting involved with both sets of fans on promoting the LFC Instagram photos.

AN, I was proud to be selected for the Buddy project and representing LFC. I got involved with all the supporters and helped take at least 40 photos for fans in front of a huge Klopp Fan Banner. I felt like I was really working in a job. I really enjoyed the Burger and Chips that was provided .

What is your impression of the new Main Stand?

LT, The new Main Stand was great and added something special to the atmosphere.

AN, The new Main Stand is a whopper, its huge.

Buddy Project Feedback

Liverpool v Watford. Sunday 6th November

Four students selected to go on the pitch with Eddy Sullivan Liverpool Football Club Community Co-ordinator.  They were:

Dominic Nemeth 16, 11 ANR

Liam Taylor 16, 11 THB

John Johnson 16, 11 ANR

Daniel Kaid 16, 11 PVG 
What was your opinion of the new 'Buddy System'?

DN. I think the new Buddy System is a really helpful chance for young fans to get to watch football and also students to help and support other LFC fans.

LT. Buddy System is great I enjoyed helping people.

JJ. I enjoyed interacting with fans and getting the opportunity to go the match which I can't usually get the chance because of availability and cost.

DK. A great experience, I am a big Liverpool Fan and I enjoyed helping supporters and getting into the game. Great seats by the Watford supporters.

How did it feel to be selected to go on the pitch in the Liverpool v Watford game?

DN. Going on the pitch was really special. I was so proud to be selected to go on the pitch and be so close to the players on the pitch.

LT. An unbelievable experience.

JJ. It felt brilliant to get selected for the match because I don't get the chance to go the games. I am a big fan.

DK. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

What did you think of the new Main Stand?

DN. I think that the new main stand is enormous but also gives a great view of the pitch with no restrictions.

LT. The stand is huge and easy to get around. I also enjoyed the atmosphere around the ground before the game. There was a Band and Big screen with highlights of old Liverpool games.

JJ. The atmosphere is really loud in the New Stand.

DK. The new Main Stand is really good with the extra people in the stadium.

Best Memory?

DN. When Mane scored a great header for the 1st goal. Crowd celebrating !!!

LT. Phillip Coutinho goal

JJ. Going on the Anfield pitch and being really close to the Liverpool players.

DK. Walking on to pitch when the Kop was singing "You'll Never Walk Alone".

What would it mean for you to be selected again for the project?

DN. I would be so grateful to be selected again and to watch Liverpool FC again would be amazing.

LT. I had a great time and memories that I will always remember.

JJ. It would mean a lot to me to be selected again as I don't get the chance to go the matches. I also enjoyed meeting new people and representing LFC.

DK. I really enjoyed Sunday and it would be good if I got selected again.