Royal Marines Visit Alsop

The Royal Marines have visited Alsop and hosted an interactive talk and workshop.

Colour Sergeant Mike Beaton and his colleagues facilitated two workshops with students from Year 9 and 11.

The workshops covered healthy eating, the importance of a balanced diet and why to avoid energy drinks. They also gave students an insight into careers within the Navy and Royal Marines. This gave students a lot of food for thought. Students worked alongside the marines to prepare and create a delicious healthy meal of Chicken Balti and Rice.

Mike Rowlands told Alsop students that,

“People can get caught up in special diets or routines that they see in magazines but the main thing is we go back to basics and use fresh, good food. It is important to buy food with good quality proteins, healthy sources of fats, a good range of fruit and veg and good carbohydrates.”

Mrs Powell comments:

This was a hugely successful visit. It’s important for students to know how to cook from scratch using raw ingredients and then cleaning up afterwards. Students learnt the importance of diet and exercise when revising for GCSE examinations.”
“For the teenagers especially who are still staying with parents, it’s about teaching them to fend for themselves and be able to do things such as this, because there will probably come a point where they move out and have to get on with activities like this.”

Another important message that Mike relayed to students is that 'food is money’, so every time their parents cook for them it is costing them hard earned money.

Mike Beaton said

If you enjoy the physical activity then a career at the Marines is ideal because of the outdoor activity, intense exercise and discipline that we instil into our recruits.’

A fabulous day was had by all!

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