Alsop Staff and Ex-students take part in a Charity Football Match

Alsop High School staff and ex-students got together on Sunday 21st May at Walton LCFA to raise much needed funds for an ex-student Sean Walsh.

We helped raise £700 on the day.

Please see below a brief write up of Sean’s brave battle.

Hi, my name is Sean Walsh, I'm 21 years old currently battling cancer for the second time in my life. I was re-diagnosed last November with a much more aggressive Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 3B which has spread to my stomach as well as both sides of my chest and neck. I have already had chemotherapy for 6 months a few years back but it did not work and only aggravated the cancer, it only bought me time.

My health was in a dire situation, rapidly deteriorating at that time period last November/December but since then I have made a remarkable improvement and recovery through a complete lifestyle change and treatment not yet available on the NHS.

To maximise my chances of survival, I have completely changed my lifestyle and diet which involves drinking lots of fresh Organic juice/smoothies, raw food and expensive supplements that have proven to work.

The problem is, all the costs of my medicines and regime are very expensive, including the additional costs for scans, check-ups, blood tests and transport. - the NHS will not help!

My latest scan results show an overall reduction in tumour activity and some decrease in size but I am not quite finished yet. I currently await the latest scan results.

Those closest to me want nothing more than for me to be cancer free once again so that I can live a normal life. The treatments I receive are NOT available on the NHS so I must rely on myself and other peoples generosity to survive.

£3527 has been raised on just giving so far. Thanks so much to each single person who kindly helped raise those funds.

You can make a donation to help fund lifesaving cancer treatment click the link below:

justgiving seanwalshy7

if you require any further details please contact Paul Deakin at