Year 7 Students Experience Viking Living

Alsop Year 7 students recently visited ‘Mere Tun’ village at Martin Mere and experienced living the life of a Viking villager. The visit was organised by Nurture Group Leader Ms Natalie Walsh.

The students have been studying the Vikings during History lessons. The visit has enabled the students to complete creative writing during their English lessons. Alsop students worked in groups and spent the day in a working village.

Ms Walsh writes:

“The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It gave them a ‘hands on’ experience of Viking life. They spent their day foraging, making traditional crafts and thatching. They also learnt how to defend their village and how to survive when living on the Mere.”

Mr Colin McCormick, Head of History comments:

“This was a wonderful day for Alsop students. We look forward to reading your creative writing and seeing your ‘Mere Tun’ display.”