At Alsop High School we are committed to enriching your educational experience. We are passionate about providing you with opportunities to try new experiences and activities and feel strongly that education should be varied and dynamic and extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Wednesday afternoons are given over to Enrichment for the Sixth Form, where you will have the chance to experience everything from life as a fire-fighter to landscape gardener.

As part of the Enrichment programme there will also be weekly Guided Study sessions, led by sixth form tutors for those pupils who would like to use the time to catch and up on any school work.


For the past three years Alsop has been involved in the Debate Mate programme, an after-school enrichment club designed to develop communication skills and confidence in public speaking, higher order thinking and teamwork skills. University of Liverpool mentors are assigned to the school and run regular workshops with students, and students compete in external inter-school debating competitions with other schools involved in the programme at various points in the academic year. After the initial run of sessions by mentors, the club is handed over to the students themselves who take responsibility for running, promoting and maintaining the school debate team.

Alsop has taken part in and even hosted a number of events as part of the programme:

  • In the Urban Debate League, a national league of participating schools, Alsop was placed top out of all Liverpool schools in the programme.
  • In the Debate Mate Cup, a one-day competition at Liverpool Hope University, the Alsop team reached the final and finished runners up.
  • In partnership with the LEA / School Improvement Liverpool, the school also hosted the third annual Big Sixth Form debate in which students from other Sixth Forms in the area competed in a one day competition, in which Alsop Sixth Formers reached the final and finished runners up.

Now that the club has been handed over to the students to run independently, the debate team have excelled in putting on show debates for prospective students and their parents which is a regular highlight of school open evenings. They have also recently staged a debate on Britain’s EU membership, prior to the school’s mock EU referendum, in a bid to further engage the whole school with political issues.

In addition to their success in the programme, students have noticeably developed their skills in all aspects of formal debating, including researching, formulating and structuring an argument, points of information, rebuttals and using a formal vocabulary to a high standard, as well as confidence in public rhetoric. These are all vital cross-curricular skills which have augmented the academic success of these students and which will address the transition between GCSE and A-Level.

National Citizen Service programme

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is an experience aimed at young people aged between 15 to 17 years.  It provides an opportunity to embark on exhilarating challenges where you will  

  • learn the skills employers value
  • learn to budget and live for yourself
  • meet incredible people
  • get your voice heard!

More than 200,000 young people have already said YES to NCS.

To find out more information about the NCS programme please click the link below.

National Citizen Service programme