Alsop High School Sixth Form recognises the diversity of its intake and the Study Programmes we offer our pupils reflect this. We appreciate that there may be pupils wishing to follow a more vocational route and we have a wide variety of Applied General and Techbac qualifications which suit this particular pathway. We view leaving sixth form with English and Maths GCSE at grade C or above vital for our pupils and as such, provide two timetabled lessons a week of English and Maths GCSE for those pupils who have not already achieved this. These lessons form a core element of their study programme.

We understand that pupils will determine their choices by their career or university aspirations and, as such, may wish to engage in one of our “mixed” study programmes, which consist of both Applied General and Academic qualifications. Pupils wishing to go on to a career in nursing, for example will have a study programme consisting of, among other elements, Health and Social Diploma and Applied Science A-level.

All pupils, regardless of their pathway, will also undertake an employability course, as part of their Study Programme. This element involves CV writing, a calendar of guest speakers, timetabled UCAS lessons and mock interviews. A large number of pupils also undertake work experience, particularly those following a vocational programme.

Academic Study Programmes and Reformed A-levels

For pupils wishing to undertake a more academic, traditional route, Alsop offers a wide choice of A-levels (both facilitating and non). In accordance with the DfE’s guidelines regarding the A-level reforms beginning in September 2015, pupils undertaking “reformed and de-coupled” A-levels will complete the full two-year linear A2 course. The school calendars three formal mock examinations for Year 12 every year for those undertaking A-level courses. These examinations take place in accordance with the rules, regulations and guidance outlined by JCQ. The Summer examination for Year 12 generate their final assessment grade, which will be used on their UCAS form to report on their Year 12 progress in the reformed A-level subjects.