Year 13 Revision Materials

Year 13 Intervention Timetable

Year 13 Intervention Timetable

Year 13 English Literature Revision

Atonement Revision 

AQA - Elements of Crime - Atonemnet Text Overview

Atonement - Quote and Notes

Atonement - Revision Guide

Death of a Salesman Revision for website

AQA - Aspects of Tragedy - Doas Text Overview

Doas Revision Booklet

Oliver Twist Revision for website

AQA - Elements of Crime - Oliver Twist - Text Guide

Oliver Twist - Chapter - 1-53

Oliver - Revision

Othello Revision

AQA - Aspects of Tragedy - Othello - Text Guide

Othello - Critical Interpretations and Quotes

English - Othello - Study Guide

Othello - Question A Guidance

Poetry Revision

AQA - Elements of Crime - Poetry Text Guide

Revision KOs

Academic -Writing - KO


Othello - KO

Oliver Twist - KO

Tess - KO

Tackling the exam - AQA English Literature Spec B

A2 - English Literature - Revision - Guide

A - Level - Literature - Tackling Exam Questions - Final

Tess Revision 

A2 - English Literature - Revision Guide

AQA - Tess - Text Guide

Tess - Critics - Quotes

Tess - Guided Reading

Tess - Study Guide

Websites for Revision

Websites For Revision

Level 3 ICT, Business and Games Design

Business Revision Guide

Games Design Revision Guide 

ICT Revision Guide

Y13 GD, ICT and Business Revision Tips

Level 3 Health and Social Care

BTEC Health and Social Care Revision List

HSC Revision Tips

A Level Spanish

Paper 2 Revision

Revision List Spanish November 2021

Year 13 Revision Tips - Spanish

A Level Sociology

Year 13 Revision Tips - Sociology

Level 3 Art

Art Revision Tips and Steps to Success

Level 3 Psychology

Psychology Mock Revision Y13

A Level Geography

Geography Revision

A Level History

History Revision

Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Level

Year 13 Revision

A Level Photography

Photography Revision Guide

Level 3 Sport

Level 3 Sport Revision