Pastoral Care

At Alsop, we have a strong culture of pastoral care, which promotes a sense of family and belonging. Children who attend Alsop High School benefit from this sense of belonging.

What does Pastoral Care look like at Alsop High School?

Within each year group there is a team of form tutors who will take direct responsibility for the pastoral care of children within their form. This enables pupils to make good progress in their lessons and also helps to foster a sense of family and support.  Your child's form tutor is your first point of contact, and can be contacted via the school's main switchboard on 0151 235 1200.

Each year group has a member of the Senior Leadership Team assigned to a year group, as well as a Head of Year who will support students both academically and pastorally, and an Assistant Head of Year who works closely with the Head of Year and form tutors to ensure all pupils are cared for and supported.

In addition we have an attendance team, who strive to ensure that students attend regularly and achieve excellent levels of attendance to school. The attendance team is a vital link between the school and parents.

Finally we have a team of Pastoral Support Mentors who provide support and take care of students' needs and work closely with year teams, various external agencies and the schools safeguarding officer to ensure all children who attend Alsop High School are safe and they receive support where necessary.  Examples of these include CAMHS, YPAS, bereavement support, counselling, SEND.

Year 7
Mrs K Begley
Head of YearMr A Leatherbarrow
Assistant Head of YearMiss L McArdle
Pastoral Support MentorHayley Edwards

Year 7 Forms
Mr B Williams
7CHOMrs C Orrick
7CLAMrs C Abbatt
7AHUMiss A Hughes
7LMCMr L Corby
7JDRMrs J Dunbar
7KREMr A Kearns
7JJOMs J Johnston
7AMOMrs A Owens
7STSMs S Smith

Year 8
SLTMr J Thompson
Head of YearMrs K Phillips
Assistant Head of YearMrs B Towey
Pastoral Support MentorPaul Deakin

Year 8 Forms
8CHOMrs C Orrick
8CCUMrs C Cunningham
8SSHMrs S Shardlow
8TEPMrs T Powell
8ELAMrs E Law
8MCRMrs M Ross
8CLFMr C Fagan
8BJMMr B Morris
8EMPMrs E Potter
8KMEMrs K Ehlen

Year 9
SLTMr S Mottram
Head of YearMrs J Williams
Assistant Head of YearMr J Gunning
Pastoral Support MentorJan Duckworth

Year 9 Forms
9SPMMr S Morris
9JLCMiss J Carr
9TEPMrs T Powell
9CCUMrs C Cunningham
9NAWMiss N Walsh
9REAMs R Ashworth
9KLBMiss K Bushell
9FAPMr F Petrie
9SARMiss S Richardson 
9KWIMiss K Williams

Year 10
SLTMrs C Avison
Head of YearMr S Griffin
Assistant Head of YearMr T Barnes
Pastoral Support MentorKaz Adlesberg

Year 10 Forms
10CBLMr C Blackburn
10ROLMiss R O'Leary
10SECMrs S Carmody
10HLSMiss H Siertsema
10JCOMr J Collis
10PVGMr P Vangordon
10LACMr L Corby
10SWHMiss S Westhead
Ms K McLarnon
10AJJMiss A Jones

Year 11
SLTMiss N Bruns
Head of YearMr T Williams
Assistant Head of YearMiss R Boylan
Pastoral Support MentorDave Taylor

Year 11 Forms
11ELAMrs E Law
11CCHMs C Chan
11KJKMrs K Kearns
11CLFMr C Fagan
11EKHMs E Kirlew-Howe
11MTMMr M Mulvaney
11LPAMrs L Parry
11EMPMrs E Potter
11MCRMrs M Ross
Sixth Form Y12 and Y13
SLT (Year 12)Mr A Hart
SLT (Year 13)Mrs V Nolan
Head of Year 12Miss L Tylan
Head of Year 13
Mr L Dolan

Year 12 and Y13 Forms
12PWBMrs P Bennett
12RMLMiss R Louis
12ADOMiss A Dowling
12MFPMiss M Fernandez-Perez
12CMCMr C McCormick
12SSTMrs S Stewart-Taylor
12JWEMr J Weights
13PLAMrs P Alker
13NCAMrs N Allison
13BJMMr B Morris
13SHRMrs S Rowan
13CWHMrs C Whitehead