The journey begins!

After a  gruelling 12 hour journey across Europe, the students and staff at Alsop High school arrived at beautiful Bardonecchia, Italy.

Though weary and tired, spirits were high and positivity radiated from everyone’s smiling faces. A hearty meal and a much needed good night’s sleep had everyone raring to go as the morning brought the most spectacular views.

The hotel is situated in the middle of a deep valley surrounded by mountains that stand proudly like soldiers, their icy caps almost look like moons in an alien landscape in the morning light – phenomenal.

After an intense skiing course with some excellent tuition it was clear that some of the talented Alsop students had a natural aptitude for the sport and by the afternoon almost everybody was sailing down the slopes like seasoned skiing veterans!

Bardonecchia once hosted the Winter Olympics, but rather than the multi-coloured five rings, it is the emerald green flag of Alsop High school which proudly flies this week!