There are some things in life that just take your breath away and waking up surrounded by misty snow capped mountains is certainly one of them.

After a hearty continental breakfast, it’s suited, booted and out on the snow. Like anything in life that’s worth doing, skiing is not easy at first and the learning curve is steep, but everyone is making fabulous progress from the points they started from with some people even managing to ski down red runs after three days!

As the collective confidence grows in the group the different skiing styles are very interesting to observe. Many of the girls confidently glide down the slopes like glacial royalty, whereas the boys tend to favour hurtling down the mountains like inter continental missiles. However, everyone comes to a stop at the bottom of the piste with huge grins on their faces.

If the mornings are breath taking, the evening’s are just as spectacular. As the days lessons come to a close and the Crepuscular rays of the sun bathe the snowy landscape in an orange glow all we can think about is think of what the next day will bring.