As a child Ms Orrick used to enjoy swimming, getting to a decent standard at club level but never really took up the opportunity to go further. However, during the COVID lockdowns, finding solace and passion in the open waters at Formby when all swimming pools were closed, Ms Orrick began to fall back in love with swimming. She took the opportunity to join a Triathlon Swimming club, that met regularly at Formby, one thing led to another and before she knew it Ms Orrick was borrowing a road bike and entering her first sprint triathlon. 

In her inaugural triathlon, Ms. Orrick, armed with a borrowed bike and confidence in her running prowess, surpassed expectations by securing an impressive 2nd place in her age group. This achievement ignited a three-year journey marked by consistent progress and personal growth, leading to the acquisition of her own bike.

A pivotal moment arrived when Ms. Orrick entered a qualifying GB race for the World Triathlon championships in Malaga. Against the odds, she clinched 2nd place, earning a prestigious spot to represent Great Britain in the upcoming October event in Malaga.

The road ahead demands rigorous training and preparation to ensure Ms. Orrick is competition-ready for this significant opportunity. Grateful for the unwavering support, she extends heartfelt thanks to Alsop High School for standing by her side, providing crucial backing in every stroke, pedal, and stride toward realising her triathlon aspirations. As the challenges unfold, Ms. Orrick is ready to face the competition with the encouragement of sponsors like Alsop, aiming for excellence on this thrilling journey.

Ms Orrick did not begin her Triathlon journey expecting to compete for Great Britain, in her age group, but this just goes to show that you never know when an opportunity will present itself and, like Ms Orrick, you should grab it with both hands and give it your best shot. 

Good luck on your GB Triathlon journey in Malaga, October 2024.